Melody Smith Animation

What is Melody Smith Animation?

Melody Smith Animation provides an opportunity for classes to engage in the school curriculum in a fun and thoughtful way. It provides 'in school' workshops in animation tailored around the needs of the individual class and their current topic.

What better way than to learn than by getting involved in the fascinating world of animation?

How does animation help your class or school?

Really.. the ideas are limitless. Some suggestions for projects are listed here but the list is literally endless!

...You must have some exciting ideas by now! Bright idea!

What do the workshops cover?

The workshops are tailored to your needs. A full day workshop will usually include:

If two or more classes get involved then it would be possible to do the introduction and set up the project with storyboards one day then return a few days later to film the artwork and add sound effects that your class has created in the interim period. Alternatively, a detailed project, including artwork, sound and animation advice could be done over a few days.

Meeting the needs of the school, the class and the curriculum.

Schools need to provide a wide range of experiences for the children in their care. There is a growing requirement to get children more engaged in the traditional areas of the curriculum while developing competence in various technologies from a young age to provide a head start. The beauty of animation is that it can do just that. Melody Smith Animation can give the next generation a hands on experience of a growing industry which can be focused on any area of the curriculum. It involves cross-curricular and group work. It can be used in a 'Mantle of an Expert' as a means for children to put over their knowledge to others. The workshops provided by Melody Smith Animation can be adjusted based on the needs of the individuals in the classroom including previous experience and any special educational needs.

Who is Melody Smith?

Melody Smith (BSc (Hons), PGDE) is an experienced teacher who understands the need to engage children in a fun and meaningful way to facilitate learning. She has worked with a range of ages and is familiar with various classroom structures including Kagan Cooperative Learning.


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