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Melody Smith Animation at the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival (FAB) 2015


We were really excited about working with FAB again. The response to Middlewich FABrication in 2013 was amazing and we now had the chance to join up with FAB again for its 25th anniversary. Inspired by both the theme of this year’s festival, which was “Community”, and the recent release of the “Avengers” movie, we decided on the theme of 'Superheroes'.

Melody Smith Animation, together with the wonderful help of Cody and Shauna, started working in the local library on the Saturday before the festival. We helped the local community to create their own superheroes. We were so pleased with the results as 'children' of all ages joined in and had a go.

The following Saturday we were in the Town Hall both creating more characters and animating them. Always great fun as we get to work with 'children' of all ages from both Middlewich and all over the country as visitors come from far and wide to be part of the festival. Everyone was very inventive and we met some great characters who were definitely part of our community including Dev Hobson and his wife, Jenny. This pair, seemingly an ordinary, everyday couple each have an 'alterego'...none less than the Town Crier and his escort! This couple are great fun and it was a pleasure to meet them.

Working with Town Crier and Escort

Again, the FAB festival was organised by the cunning plots and plans of the Blue Dino... oops, sorry, Dave Thompson. He and his band of volunteers did a wonderful job making the Middlewich FAB a major event on everyone's calendar. After our 'stint' at the Town Hall we had a chance to wander around had saw some great bands. Mike Delaitre and his band was one of them and he inspired a brief scene in the animation!


Thanks to everyone that took part in making this animation:


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Melody Smith Animation at the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival (FAB) 2013


Well - that was fun!

Over the FAB weekend Melody Smith Animation was making a community based animation, Middlewich FABrication, based on the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival. The idea was that people had the chance to animate themselves and become part of the animation.

We had lots of keen young animators (and a few older ones) having a go at animating over the FAB weekend. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and some got swept away by the excitement.

It wasn't long before the storyboards were long forgotten as the children's imaginations were fully engaged. Some unexpected 'guest stars' in our animation include some kangaroos, a centaur, superman, dolphin girl, and even some aliens!

Now, animating 'off storyboard' is a little like skiing 'off piste' - very exciting and exhilarating but potentially hazardous to an animator's health! It took a while and several late nights but it's finally here!

Thanks to everyone that took part:


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