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We Do Artwork And Animation For Any Business!

Melody Smith Animation will work with your business to develop bespoke animation or artwork for your website. We can also do animations for your presentations or advertising.

Check the page carefully - you might find a few surprises!

Contact us for further information here. Check out our showreel here.

Private Hire for events

We can run animation workshops at your event, theming an animation around any topic. See here for an example.

Why Choose Us For Your Business?

Don't think outside of the box- There is no box!

Whatever vision you have in mind, it can be brought to life through animation. Just discuss your concept with us and we will help bring your ideas to life.

Save your hard-earned money!

Avoid the cost of hiring a celebrity or any alternative casting for your advert, in fact, save the salaries of the entire team. Let us create all of the characters you could possibly want and they won't need stunt doubles either!

Keep it fresh!

Don't date your advert by the look of its actors. Real life has a time stamp but your animated characters won't get older unless you want them too. Avoid casting all over again for new babies or comparisons of 'Gosh hasn't he aged since that was made.'

PS. We did this before Harrison's accident. As great fans we are so glad that he has fared well and not ended up as his alter-ego here. Keep on doing what you do Harrison!

Be memorable!

The adverts that stick in our minds are those that have most visual impact - do we need to say more?

Why pay for travel?

No expensive travelling costs or sets. Go anywhere you want, any time you want.