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Stegasaurus model by Melody Smith

These instructions refer to the T-rex instructions.


I made these teeth, claws, t-rex feet and stegosaurus spikes from oven hardening polymer (Fimo, Sculpey etc.). You could use pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and/or sliced almonds for the teeth, claws and spikes.


The body uses a crème egg sized polystyrene egg and the head a smaller one. Like the T-rex, the stegosaurus head needs dividing into two. This time you need to take a slice out (see marking) to make the head smaller. The top of the head should be slightly larger than the jaw. Complete head as per T-rex.


stage 3 - legs

Take a bendy roller and cut away a small section from the middle.


stage 3 legs

Repeat with a shortened bendy roller , Cut two slots into the body, about three-quarters of the way through. One near the small end, one near the wider end.


stage 4 - legs and body

Put wires through slots.


stage 5 neck and tail

Place a bendy roller on the tail end and fix as shown in the T-rex instructions. Pull the wire tight and make a ‘knot’ at the narrow end to tension tail.

stage 5 neck and tail

Put wire through centre of body and complete head and tail as per t-rex. This body can be used for a range of dinosaurs.

awaiting final touches

Soften the plasticine, blending choosen colours together. Roll out and cover model in sections, carefully smoothing over joins.

Thicken areas on tail and neck depending on the type of dinosaur you are making.

Add features such as eyes and nostrils.

For the stegasaurus add spikes along the spine. These are made from oven baked polymer but you could use pumpkin seeds.

When animating the model keep an eye out for any cracks which develop through excessive bending and finger prints. Smooth over as needed.

complete stegasaurus
This framework can be adapted for other four legged animals.