It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog as I have been busy helping out a local photographic group, but with the excitement on the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival coming up I just couldn’t resist. A regular event on the Middlewich calendar, FAB fest usually happens on the weekend of Father’s Day. Often a weekend of mixed weather, I have fond memories of late Sunday breakfasts at one of the many pubs after a night of music and fun or picnics on the grass with food from the many different stalls.  A couple of years ago I arranged a last minute stint doing some animation with the local community and was pleased to be invited back for their 25th anniversary.

In preparation for that, I have just spent a fantastic morning in the local library (oh the rock ‘n roll life I lead 🙂 ) with two great helpers, Shauna and Cody. Various members of the community came to get involved and drew several superhero characters ready for animation. The morning was varied, I met a lot of local characters. (I am fully expecting a cartoon team of superhero cricketers from Daisy’s Dad and friends, and a Morris Dancing demo from Martha’s Dad). In fact it was very nice to see so many families come down to the library together on a Saturday morning. The library staff were also extremely pleasant and helpful.

All of this has got me looking forward to meeting people at the actual event. Melody Smith Animation will be in the Town Hall at 10am. Come and try your hand at animating! No charge, just a collection on behalf of the Joshua Tree charity. To find out more about the charity and to see some of our animations follow this link. See you there!